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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Perils Of Pearline

Pearl is squinting with one eye again. Yesterday after I had written she was fine, I went upstairs to Popeye The Dog. That would be how we ended up at the vet's yesterday at the last possible appointment. Pearl doesn't like anyone messing with her ears or her eyes so Dr. Kenney  and the vet tech had to dog wrestle. We tried cheese (that's what we do at home) but Pearl can multi-task now, she ate the cheese while misbehaving.  The vet did an eye stain which showed she probably had a very small scratch but it was healing on it's own and the eye itself is swollen but is going down. However, it must be uncomfortable so she's forever rubbing it with her paw and of course Jackson feels bad every time he looks at her. We've told him it was an accident and no one blames him, but he still feels like it's his fault. They will both recover in due time. AC Moore update! I SCORED MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF BABY YARN. In my defense a pound of baby yarn is about 6 skeins for $5 - I don't think even Ghandi himself could resist that kind of bargain. I figured if David spotted it I would just do what we did in high school - claim it's not mine and I'm holding it for a friend. Hiding it was a problem, David has all of his gun equipment stored under the beds, the closets are to conspicuous and the dresser is overflowing - so I ended up temporarily stuffing it UNDER the dresser in the back. Hopefully Pearl The One Eyed Dog won't find it and start trucking it around the house.

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