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Sunday, July 2, 2006

News From Japan

I got an email from Adam  this morning - today was the last day of his enlistment. So, where is he??? That stinkpot is still in Japan and will continue to wake up there every morning for the next 4 years. Yes, he not only re-enlisted but they asked him to do his next term in Japan with offers of this and that, not to mention his fiancee Reiko so his butt will be staying put. I would like him to come home of course, but he's an adult so there's not much I can - or would want to do about it. I just wish he was stationed a little closer to home. On the other hand I don't think we have much call for a navy ship in WV. The weather has turned hot and muggy since yesterday, sigh the Crack Weather Team has been right on the ball as usual (heavy rain throughout the week....) - I was at a patient's house doing an infusion the other week and we were in hysterics laughing over the safest prediction I've ever heard - "a slight risk of severe weather". That totally covers all the bases, doesn't it? In other news, Jackson will finally be moving above ground into his new abode and is quite excited about it I think. His only reservation was he wouldn't have as much room but I pointed out as big as the basement is, he only utilizes a corner of it. And how sad is that, living in the corner of a basement in Maidsville, WV?

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