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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ok, Now Everyone In The Pool!

We've been letting Pearl swim a little in the pool lately. She's usually outside with us and rather than have her trying to get in and damage the liner we're teaching her to use the steps to get in and out. Of course the downside is she can now get in and out on her own and does so quite often. She's a very rambunctious swimmer and seems to enjoy the splashing part a bit too much! In other news Jackson had an interview for a job at Target yesterday, the only problem was so did five other people but I told him it was good practice so the next time he would know what to expect. Target does thier applications on computer and the last thing it says is to pick up the red phone and let them know you're done. What we didn't realize was they like to interview IMMEDIATELY after you get done. So we were there for awhile. Jackson also picked up an application for McDonald's and I was surprised to see they wanted to know his GPA - makes you wonder doesn't it? It's supposed to rain today, but according to the Crack Weather Team there's a chance of that every day, talk about covering your ass.

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