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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Still The Same

We've been having so much fun this weekend just shopping and going out. So far so good on the oncall front - I shouldn't say anything though, should I? Yesterday it rained most of the day which limited our options of what to do, so we did end up taking  Ray to AC Moore's and Sam's Club. Ray has always been my craft store buddy, more than happy to sift through any Michaels or AC that we come across. I bought some more baby yarn and the Yarn Hater didn't say anything because A) Ray is here and B) he's completely oblivious to the large amount of previously bought yarn tucked under the dresser. We did all of our food shopping and came back home - I had been thinking of taking Ray into downtown Clarksburg as there are some beautiful old historic buildings but with the rain it wouldn't have been worth it. So we went back to the house and relaxed with Miss Peebody for awhile. We left out for dinner around 5:30 - finding a place to eat out around here on Saturday night is impossible - EVERYONE is out. There was a line already at Olive Garden and Cheddars so we headed over to Applebee's and got there just before the hord arrived (when we left there were about 40 people lined up outside!!). We did some driving around after dinner showing Ray some more of the area and then off to Books A Million - I got a good deal on Christmas cards which I'll put away for now. But they were marked down from $16 a box to $3 so what's not to like?  We haven't heard a peep from Jackson and he's either due home tonight or tomorrow morning.

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