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Monday, July 24, 2006

What Fun!

Ray is getting ready to leave, I wish he could stay longer! The sun finally came out yesterday and it was warm, but not too warm. I did the driving since I was taking Ray out to Preston county to take pictures. We went to Bruceton Mills first to the restaurant/hardware (it says that on the side) for breakfast - it's one of those local places that hasn't been decorated since 1950 and everyone knows everyone else. David was laughing because with  breakfast they gave you about 1/2 cup of REAL butter, we could've eaten it with a spoon! Ray and I had the buckwheat pancakes and David had french toast. After that we went to see the Cheat river where the acid mine drainage is pretty bad - there are stretches where it's solid orange and then we went to the Iron Forge. I took them to Kingwood and to the farmer's stand out on route 7 so we had a full morning and Ray got to take lots of pictures. We came home for lunch, we ate out on the deck, the weather was just terrific all day. Then we went to an italian restaurant out off of route 7 - David and I had tried a couple of times to go there but I think they had been closed or something. It turned out to be a wonderful place to eat and we had a nice long dinner and just sat and talked about old times. Mikio and Setsu were missed, sometimes I can't believe they're gone at all. I doubt I'll ever stop missing them. Ray is heading out early this morning - he'll miss Jackson completely - but I think now that  he's made the trip once, he'll be back.

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