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Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Skein In The Neck

It rained AGAIN today, and no, the Crack Weather Team did not predict it. I did another day in Bridgeport, I could get used to this. David, however sensing danger, stopped me in the driveway and made me PROMISE not to buy even one tiny weeny skein of yarn and I like a fool agreed to it before viewing the contents of the Yarn Bin at AC Moores which was stuffed with what looked like Paton Baby yarn at FIVE DOLLARS A POUND. Do you have any idea how many skeins of baby yarn you can have in a pound?? Now, I was very tempted to skirt the edge of the lying (I'm not sure why exactly I was skirting since we all know that I am a rather excellent liar when need be), but I did have to take into account the double pointed needles from Tuesday and the knitting books at 60% off at Barnes and Nobles I bought yesterday (especially since I'm plotting to overtake the discount cart tomorrow)so I had to satisfy myself by a) calling the nurse manager at the Bridgeport office to let her know about the yarn bin (her daughter is expecting a girl) and b) making David feel very guilty by parading Amy's unborn baby about since I will be unable to knit anything due to lack of yarn. I did of course leave out the fact I already have about 20 skeins of baby yarn socked away in the dresser upstairs but some things are better left unsaid.

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