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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy Soggy Fourth Of July!

I managed to get the holiday off and was out cleaning my pool when the first rain drop hit. So aside from a trip to Sam's Club there's not much on the calendar. We got our car registration forms in the mail on Friday - I was perusing them when I saw we had to send in the recipts for our personal property taxes. Hmm. I showed it to David and he had no idea either. There was a little blurb saying you could ask the sheriff for your recipt which led to another conversation - since we didn't know what it was, there was a rather good chance it was not paid and therefore I had a sneaking suspicion the sheriff might be not wanting to give us a recipt. David was elected to visit and for those of you who don't know - Personal Property Tax is what they charge you for toodling around in a car. When we moved here we had to pay a very hefty amount to register the car - it did indeed make you want a horse (although, there might be a Personal Horse Tax so you might want to check into that before saddling up). Anywhoo, apparently every year they again whack you with a personal property tax which goes down a lot (but not enough) AND when you buy a new car you have to start at Square One which means there will be no new cars in this house for quite awhile. We know this because the fellow next to David at the sheriff's office had indeed not only bought a new truck but was also from out of state and David said he was NOT a happy camper, nor was he being a good sport about the whole deal. So, in the end we will be staying home for the 4th of July while our personal property just sits in the driveway. Oh well, at least we have personal property....

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