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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How The Other Half Lives

I got sent up to Bridgeport the other day - my census is down because I did a mass dismissal last week and Bridgeport is cranking. I don't mind - it's always nice to have a change of scenery and the fun thing about the Bridgeport thing is even though it's a 45 mile hike to get there, all the jobs are about 10 miles apart so you can pretty much whip through it. There's also The Nest (knitting store) and the discount book store, the mall, etc.. I am now the proud owner of Latern Moon double point needles and a set of Britney double points because I would have to do some fancy financial footwork to explain two pairs of Latern Moon anything - they're very pricey. Jackson is still not employed so he's doing chores around the place which makes him a Gloomy Boy. But it's gotten him on the stick with hunting and I think when I get home today I'll take him out to try to apply other places. He did apply to Best Buy but that's a very popular job and they tend to like thier employees older. David has been pricing jobs, he ran an ad in the paper for a day and has looked at two so far (and got them both). He also finished the foyer - now all that he needs is a surround and to bring the tub into Jackson's bathroom which should be fun. The tub is iron and I dread having to see them carry it over all the new tile floors. And I'm a little late with the week update - this week it's National Farrier's Week, National Archeology Week, National Nude Recreation Week AND the entire month of July will be devoted to Cell Phone Courtesy. I suppose the other 11 months you can say what you want.

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