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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Hang Me Out To Dry

Everything is still drying out, we leave the garage open and that's almost completely dry. The ground still squelches when you walk in some areas and we stay far from the mud. Mud from clay is the absolute worst, I know I complain about it from time to time (actually everytime it rains) but the way it spreads is unreal. All you have to do is get a little on the bottom of your shoes and you can do the whole house and your clothes. And because the ground can only absorb so much, it hangs around forever. David has finished the tiling pretty much and has gone onto sheetrocking and spackling the walls. He was being funny by pondering what color he would paint it - we still have tons of that light grey paint he got on clearance eons ago so I'm thinking we are leaning towards that. But I don't mind - it's the last of the dark brown paneling on the lower floor and I'm more than happy to see it go. I took Jackson out driving a little yesterday - I'm on call all weekend and have been doing visits so it's hard to squeeze that in - but we did go out and someone needs to SLOW DOWN. He's gotten a little over confident and argues with me continously so someone may end up an Eternal Bus Rider. Here is how it usually goes:

Me: The speed limit is 45,you're going 60, slow down

Hooligan: I am not

Me: I can see the speedometer, Slow Down!

Hooligan: I'm going 56 miles an hour, not 60, you drive that fast

Me: The speed limit is 45 and you have a permit SLOW DOWN

Hooligan: OK. FINE (sound of pouting)

Repeat as needed

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