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Friday, July 6, 2007

Crappy Days Are Here Again

The day after the fourth the clouds moved in and the sky darkened up appropriately. I was out on the road yesterday when the rain increased to the point you couldn't even see with the wipers on high, it was crazy. The rain around here amazes me as it tends to reach epic proportions instantly and leave just as quickly. There were people pulled over on the side of the highway and of course that bizarre group of Emergency Flasher People that drive me crazy. When the weather gets bad there's a certain group that seems to feel it's necessary to use thier emergency flashers as they drive, why is beyond me. I can see the taillights just as well and I find it distracting - are they broken down or just driving slowly? All I want to do is get out of my car, smack them one upside the head and tell them to cut it out. They're on my list of Driving Pet Peeves right between people that use the passing lane no matter what speed they're going and of course the top spot will always be occupied by the Baby On Board Sign People who I've always despised. I did get off the road momentarily at the truck stop hoping to wait it out, but then realized if it continued the highway would flood and then I'd be stuck there so back on the road I went with the Emergency Flasher People being totally annoying. It finally let up after I got back to the office, just in time for me to go to my late visit and then hike on home. I'm glad I covered the pool before I left yesterday as the Crap Factor is greatly increased during a storm. It cleared for a bit but this morning the clouds are back - and I'm on call for the weekend so I'm sure I wouldn't have time for the pool anyhow. Adam will be here next week and I took off Thursday and Friday to visit with him. Unfortunately it's too late to take a real vacation but since he's here forever I guess I have plenty of time.

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