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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

I didn't hear anything about that job I applied for - and now they've called twice in as many days! I have an interview scheduled for the beginning of August but that even makes me wonder if it's worth going in. It took them over a week just to do the internal interviews and if they're scheduling me that far it means there are  a lot of applicants for the one job. If I did get it - it would mean less travel and possibly more money - but it might also mean more work since it said "some oncall" without being specific. And the other problems of course are we don't know what we're doing next year so starting a new job this late in the game might not be wise, not to mention my boss is going to know I'm off applying for other jobs when they check my references. And things have started to be better at work - of course!! - so, do I keep my bird in hand or go looking in the proverbial bushes??? Where is that easier life when I need it? Anyhoo, Jackson is off to Pittsburgh this weekend, he went to an all weekend blues concert with his girlfriend, her Dad and her Dad's friend so he was pretty happy as they go every year. This leaves Adam Bored as I have an admission to do this weekend and David is going to the gun club for event or something. David's had a bit of breathing room lately so he's been down there at least one day a week, occasionally after work shooting skeet and most likely shooting the bull too. I'm still knitting the shawl I had to restart several times, it's all bunched up on a 16" circular so it's been hard to see - I have a set of circulars that you can change the cable to larger sizes but haven't quite figured out the mechanics of it yet. Given how long it took me to get this thing off the ground I'm a bit leery of messing with it, but it's already not quite fitting on the cable so I have to figure it out soon. But  I could pull it a bit straight and it appears to look like it's supposed to so I'm knitting on! I ordered some "back up" yarn just in case as I don't want to get 90% done and run out. I'll take a picture when I get it on the larger cable - when I can figure out how to do that without accidently pulling it off the needles!

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