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Thursday, July 26, 2007

David's Turn

Things were going rather ducky at work yesterday - we had worked out the schedule and I was getting ready to leave for my afternoon visits when my cell phone rang. It was Jackson wondering who was picking him up - it was also an hour after summer school had let out. I asked Susan call the patients to let them know I was running late and then zipped off to the school to find a rather upset boy. We tried to call David several times though he was out of phone range - Jackson then informed me he was supposed to take his driver's test today. David forgets a lot of things - but it's unusual for him to forget to pick up Jackson - and he would NOT forget a driving test. Then Adam called to let us know David's cell phone kept ringing, he knew this because it was sitting on the desk. We called information and got the number of the house David was working at and called - no answer. Meanwhile Jackson was trying very hard not to freak out -but he's getting to a point of being completely discouraged as everytime he's tried to take this test SOMETHING has happened. He was also supposed to go to Becky's on Thursday because she's leaving to visit her grandmother, etc... then the phone rang and it was David (when he heard the phone ring a couple of times he checked the caller ID) - he was under the impression Jackson was going to Becky's on Wednesday and taking the test on Thursday since I'll be in Pittsburgh all day and they can just drop me off and take the car. I had Jackson call Becky while I turned the car around and drove him over there - her house happened to be on the way to my next visit and told him he would take the test today. Hopefully Murphy's Law won't kick in again today!

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