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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Vacation Girl

Yesterday the weather was awful, damp and then raining. I took Adam downtown while Jackson was at summer school, we poked around all the little shops and so forth. Then we went up to the old mall which I havent' been in for awhile - it's pretty sad. The anchor stores moved out last year - Walmart and Gabe's - and now most of the shops are closed down or there's odd shops of people trying to make a go of it. It was so quiet in there, there were maybe 20 people shopping and it made me self conscious when we went into shops since most of the time we were the ONLY people in there. We picked Jackson up after school and headed over the the DMV for him to take his driving test. When we got to the window the guy asked for the official school enrollement form and his 30 hour driving log which we didn't have since no one had ever told us we needed them. I was pretty steamed as David and Jackson had been there last week to find out when he could take it, etc and the person they saw never mentioned any of this. Poor Jackson - he was all set to take it and then this. I called the school when we got home and of course the enrollment form we need has a great deal of rigamarole to it and if he gets it in time it will be a miricle. He only has til the 3rd to take the test so David will be doing handstands next week to get this done. In the afternoon we went to the movies, no one could decide what they wanted to see - Harry Potter or Transformers - I picked Harry Potter and then when we got there they all voted Transformers. So Transformers it was - it was very good and since Jackson and Adam grew up with the Transformers they were especially taken. We dropped Adam off in town, there's some bar band he wanted to see and he'll be spending the night at a hotel in town. I'm just hanging out for today, whoo hoo is all I have to say.


mosie1944 said...

I don't see the harm in him having a mohawk.  Oh well, bald is a good compromise.

lizzardweiss said...

The Mohawk wasn't THAT bad. Adam does look great.

The bat is adorable!