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Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Fish Out Of Water

Adam was feeling a bit low yesterday - we kind of figured this would happen. As happy as he is to be out of the navy it's a bit disconcerting to find yourself suddenly with no job and no where to go. And to add to that no way to get anywhere and everyone is out of the house all day - but you. David and I finished up with our respective activities and took him out around 2, but I think even that was galling  - to be taken out by your parents. Over an early dinner he said this was great - the 17 year old brother was tripping around Pittsburgh and the 23 year old was sitting home on his butt, playing video games. We pointed out Jackson IS in Pittsburgh - but at a concert and under the supervision of an adult, not just running around on his own. And we let him know this all going to take time - life doesnt' just instantly rearrange itself for your change in plans. His goal at this point is to get an english teacher's degree and go back to Japan  which we think is an admirable goal, but it'll take time. By the time we got home he felt better I think. Ray is coming out next weekend so he has that to look foward to and then he and Jackson are heading to PA that Monday - I think he just feels out of place right now and it's got to be odd to go from being surrounded by people 24 hours a day to spending all day - with nothing to do - by yourself and Pearl The Hostess. We went to the bookstore after dinner and shopped, I got the latest Harry Potter book which contrary to ever newscast in the nation is NOT hard to get your hands on, they had a mountain of them right in front -and 50% off to boot. I have to work on my shawl today changing out the cable - wish me luck!

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