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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Worth Her Weight In Truffles

We called the Emergency vet at noon on Sunday - Karen informed me that Claw "was going the way we want her to" but to call back at 5 to see how she was. Hmm. I pointed out I was picking the cat up TODAY and she responded that she would hate for us to make the trip only to go home without her if she needed to spend the night. Hmm. I told her we would call at 5 before we came AND PICKED UP THE CAT. David got the 5 o'clock duty with strict instructions to get the cat back from the vet. He spoke with Karen who told him they did want to keep Claw overnight as she was still dizzy. David very nicely told her that a) Claw could be dizzy at home and b) he now owned a 300 dollar cat and was not interested in owning a 500 dollar cat. Karen did not like that in case you're wondering. So David and Jackson went off to the vet's, carrier in hand and retrieved the cat, he had to sign some release before he handed over the moola, $305 dollars total. Claw peed in the carrier on the way home - I guess since she's worth money now she can do what she wants - and then horsed down her dinner along with everyone else's leftovers. She's been fine ever since, we kept her in all day yesterday, every time she protested I showed her the bill so she would be impressed and shut up. It didn' t work. So the end result is we spent over $300 on a cat that doesn't even really like us. Anyhoo, Adam is coming home on the 12th - we flying him on a cheapy flight here to save everyone the drive. It was more than Janet though it would be - $79 - but David would burn that in gas alone. Besides, it's cheaper than the cat!

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