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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yada yada

I finally got the police report from my most recent, that has to go to the insurance company so they can hate me some more. We got a call from DMV yesterday -apparently Dad yelling at them paid off. Jackson's failed written has been removed from the computer and they have to go over today to straighten the rest out but it looks like he may be able to take the test after all. Dad also then had to have a talk with the Injured Party who feels the counter person at DMV should be taken out back and beaten, fired and held up to public humiliation. David has pointed out that might be a little on the harsh side and maybe the fact they are trying to fix it and have apologized is enough. The Injured Party agreed, but rather grudgingly. Ray will be on his way Friday, I told David to try to get him to come earlier but he's a creature of habit like myself so I doubt that will even be entertained. I washed all the of the  bedding but will wait until Friday to put it on as the resident Evil Felines have been dying to cover it all with cat hair to make it Thier's. Adam is still bored but has been finding things to do, he's a bit of a computer pest and between him and David the resident Computer Pest I can barely sneak on these days! The weather has been quite rainy lately so swimming has been a no go for the past few days which I hate since the pool still needs to be cleaned and vacuumed. I finally bought a new vacuum head yesterday and also picked up a new hummingbird feeder - David's broke last week and he left it hanging in front of the window, much to the disappointment of the hummingbirds.

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