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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stepping Lightly

Back to work, back to the same old crap. I called the agency I have my resume into for that management job - they just finished up with the internal interviews which means a lot of people have applied for the job. Oh well - I'm in no hurry, I figure I'll only apply for whatever interests me. The urge to just take any job is overwhelming at times, but having acted in haste in the past has shown me it will make you sorry at some point. And really - I'm not completely ready to give up the ship quite yet, I've invested a lot of myself in the job. Adam has been getting bored I think - we live outside of town so there's no public transportation and we're gone all day - there's no help for that. But on the other hand he has a swimming pool, video games, the computer, books, etc... so it's not all bad. I'll take him out after work tonight as I have to do some shopping. I also have to get Ray's room ready as he's planning on visiting us this weekend. I'm on call but they can pal around for the weekend and if it's not too busy maybe I can get Ray out to that covered bridge in Barracksville this time.

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