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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Two AM Girl Is On Vacation I Guess

I've been scanning the Help Wanted ads lately - not sure what I want to do - or not do as the case may be. I found a job that looked interesting so I thought this morning I would print out my resume and a cover letter. I have to say I slept VERY well last night - the first time in a long time. The 2 AM girl might have come by but it did her no good, I feel asleep at 8 and didn't wake up until almost 5. I told David I would drive Jackson to school since it wouldn't take that long to print my stuff out and mail it off. Haha, guess you could call it Revenge of The 2 AM Girl because apparently while I was sleeping she was down here messing with Word Perfect. My resume now insists on only being viewed as a tiny document which even a mouse would have a hard time squinting at and when you print it out - faded purple. And yes, I changed the black ink cartridge. I fixed it as best I could - and just copied it after selecting Darker Copy and that seemed to work. When I went into work I told Susan I'd sent off my resume - I've finally hit that point where it's no longer worth it anymore. I'm tired of trying to work two full time positions and failing miserably at both - I get hit with all the patients and then get slammed because the office end is a mess. Stick a fork in me I'm done. So I went off to do the 3 patients at opposite ends of the earth since everyone else is off, on vacation or just being huffy and I when I came back everyone was being nice and everything was being taken care of. Crips, just shoot me now.


bookncoffee said...

good luck with the job, or the job hunting.  

mommareef said...

It took me 10 minutes to figure out what my aol screen name is....I don't use much of that stuff and I can never remember any of it once I've created it.  Sigh.
So...job hunting....hmmmmmmm...not that you need this kind of crap out of me, but...might I plant a small seed:
Okay...I'm done farming for now!  Love ya!