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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth Of July

I had a back tooth extracted yesterday - the dentist had looked at it and told me there was no point in trying to save it. It was all fillings and so forth and had gotten a cavity underneath all of that. I had to go at 5:30 -he has after hours appointments so I don't have to use any of my time. It went well and he's a very good dentist, thank goodness. I have another tooth that has to go but that I'm putting off for a bit and then he'll make me a partial for the back. Over the years I've lost most of my lower molars - they seem to be the worst despite all I've done to save them and a lot of times even after all the drilling and filling, they abcess underneath. It's very discouraging. Things at work are starting to look up a tiny bit, the LPN did indeed pass her boards and we are sending the other per diem nurse out on Thursday for a few of my easier patients so hopefully we can get things back on track. I'm actually off today! - I had planned on having this tooth pulled yesterday so I could have today to get over it. Today they're predicting rain all day so later I guess I'll cover the pool to keep all the crap out. Every bug in the universe appears to know where my pool is located and they drown themselves by the hundreds. You would think being a bug with hyper-instincts they would SEE THIRTY THOUSAND GALLONS OF WATER but apparently thier Super Senses don't cover that situation. Stupid bugs.

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bookncoffee said...

Oh that blue water looks so good and refreshing...I want to jump thru the computer screen and take a dip.  Hope you are having a good 4th.