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Monday, July 9, 2007

Getting Better

Yes I know I need to take some more pictures, maybe today. I had an open to do this weekend in Clarksburg so I hopped over to AC Moore's - I still had some money left over on my gift card. They were clearing out thier old knitting books - whoo hoo!! - I got a bunch for a few dollars so that really made my day. I did NOT buy any yarn as I even I have to admit the stash is a bit over the top these days and I've been a bit lax in the knitting department lately. I had to restart the shawl after teaching myself how to knit on two circular needles instead of double points. The yarn for the shawl is so light it was just impossible to keep the tension and keep count. THEN I had to restart again as I had done it wrong - knitting on two circulars is one of those things that once you get the hang of it it's easy but it's just trying to get the hang of it that will do you in. I had insomnia again last night, that gets old fast. I finally fell asleep about 12:30 or so and woke up after 5 so at least I'm not working on no sleep. The weather was beautiful yesterday, I went swimming in the pool as did Pearl of course. Becky was over and we went to the mall and then out to dinner at Garfield's. I got my haircut finally - my hair needs to be either very long so I can put it up or very short, there's no inbetween for me. I also got a new phone - we've been shopping for a new service so I'm now signed up with Sprint, I have the same number BUT not the same Cheap- O - La phone, I have a cherry red Razor which is very neat. I got my address book on it but now have to set up my voice mail. I also have to start exercising, all this lack of sleep leaves me to tired to do any of it even though I know if I did start exercising again I would probably sleep better.

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