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Saturday, July 28, 2007


The weather predicted for this weekend changes of course on an hourly basis, I suppose it all depends on what window the Crack Weather Team is peeping out of at any given time. Ray made good time despite the occasional squall, I was a bit worried at one point as it was really coming down, but it was short lived. I did an admission on a patient I've had before and in the course of conversation she mentioned the drunk astronauts. I told Lindsey Lohan could join the space program which started everyone laughing and since we were discussing the news - the cat that predicts death came up(the one I mentioned yesterday in my blog). That was about 10 minutes of everyone - including her husband -  laughing hysterically about that stupid cat, her husband said he'd have a big sign over his bed that stated SEVERE CAT ALLERGY. I told him I wished I'd had that cat when I worked in the hospital so if someone kept ringing the bell I could threaten to send in the cat if they didn't stop. So, I was not the only one who thought that was the most hilarious thing I'd heard in awhile. I got home a few minutes earlier than I had thought I would and we went out to dinner at the italian restaurant and then to the bookstore of course. David thought I was being good by not buying any knitting books, but that's only because I've ordered a bunch from Knitpicks this morning (40% off this month all books!!). It's a bit crappy and hot this morning, David had to run over to Bridgeport to pick up the solar cover reel he's buying used as we need one. Then what we're doing is anyone's guess!

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