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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tailgating, Lots Of Fun. Unless You Get Caught.

No, I was not the tailgater - I have given up my Evil Ways as the last two bumper car incidents have cost me plenty and I don't need to add to the chances of it happening again. Also, I think as I get older all of the things that could happen tend to occur to me - and I take them under consideration instead of just blowing them off. BUT while I was driving today I saw the Lord Of All Tailgaters - he was poetry in motion, a jaw dropping sight. He was driving a big black Dodge Ram - perfect tailgating equipment I might add (my favorite weapon of choice was a 79 Lincoln Versailles with a six foot hood and low to the ground) and was targeting a little compact who was going 75 miles per hour in the passing zone - bastard!. He couldn't get around her so he started tailgating - I have NEVER seen anyone  go over 70 and stay so close - there were times when you could not have slipped your hand between the two bumpers. And he stayed on her bumper for a few miles, braking occasionally but never letting up. There was finally a space in the slow lane so he gave one last tailgate and zipped over and then back in front of her. You would've thought he would be flying - but strangely enough he was slowing down. Hmm. Mysterious? A change of heart? A State Trooper doing a big zippy U-turn from the other side of the highway and putting on his lights? And yes he did get a ticket - I know because I saw the state trooper on the exit ramp where he'd pulled him over and he did not have a Happy Policeman Face about him as he was stalking towards the the Dodge. Anyhoo, I'm doing pretty good at work, we're busy and I'm oncall this weekend. I already have two opens and visit lined up and I'm also on call for the holiday. Bastards.


mosie1944 said...

That stinks, being on call for the whole weekend AND the holiday.  Sorry.

bookncoffee said...

When anyone tails me...I give them the "window treatment"....I put on the windshield wiper fluid full blast and keep washing my windows until their windows are soaked too and they back off and have to use their wipers.  LOL LOL