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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Artic Zone

We're being reminded that it's still winter - the temp dipped to the single digits last night and have stubbornly refused to budge all day. As you can see from the pictures that doesn't stop Pearl The Eskimo from harassing all avian lifeforms. She actually tries to get up in the tree and when she does that you can see them flying like mad out the other side. This morning was fun, we met Roger and Susan at Crackerbarrel for breakfast at 8:30 - I think due to cold not too many people seemed to be interested in having breakfast out. We took Jackson with us and everyone had a good time - I'm glad they built this one near us so we don't have to drive to Fairmont anymore.  After breakfast we went to the bookstore for a bit and then did the week's shopping. I've been playing with my diet as I'm bored and have been gaining weight - not a lot but enough to be annoying. As I've mentioned previously I'm completely addicted   to You Are What You Eat  -  

 so I've been (loosely!) following along with Gillian's diet. It's a ton of chopping as she's big on vegetables and fruit but I've found there's a lot of things I like but never would have tried  such as kiwi, mangos and parsnips. I re-lost 3 pounds and having to hunt down the ingredients (quinoa anyone?) and make up the recipes has kept me occupied. I don't do the salmon - I did take a gander at it at Sam's Club today but for some reason the phrases "fresh fish" and "West Virginia" just don't seem compatible - not to mention unless it's tuna with mayo or heavily breaded, fried and slathered with tartar sauce the idea of eating fish makes me a bit pukey.(is that a word - pukey? puky? pukie? - doesn't the one with the "ie' one the end look sort of like something you would name a bunny? Pukie the bunny - hmm, maybe not. Am I digressing??) David has a fire going at the moment as we might as well use up some of that deadwood we have lying about. The sock is going well, I'm getting to the foot part of the program - I'm using my new needles from Knitpicks entirely - they work much better and I don't think they'll break as easily as the ones from Lantern Moon - they didn't even last two weeks!

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magran42 said...

If you have time to look for all those odd ingredients you are lucky.  One quick read and I know I couldn't pull it off.