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Friday, January 18, 2008

Pull Up a Chair, Relax!

So far we've had 60 degrees, 20 degrees, snow, rain, sunshine - all in under a week! Pearl the Girl doesn't care, she wants OUT 24/7. She and David are still warring over the picture window in the livingroom, David removes the nose smudges every evening and Pearl replaces them every afternoon. Everytime he starts wiping down the window you can almost hear her sigh since even Pearl knows it's a lost cause. I'm still awaiting the second package from Knitpicks but am glad I ordered the sock needles. The ones I bought in Bridgeport that were supposed to so super sturdy - two of them have snapped so far! Grrh! David asked me how much I paid for them and  I told them $21 - he and Jackson were hooting about that - $21 for THOSE they said. Considering these are the same people that spent over a thousand dollars for a dog that won't even do dishes, vacuum or stay off the furniture that's sort of the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it? So I figure I can use my knitpick needles and use the expensive ones as spares. Not much going on this weekend, Jackson is planning on seeing Sweeny Todd and we're still sorting through our stuff, weeding out what we don't need or use. The temps are supposed to drop down into the single digits and they're calling for snow AGAIN. This time of the year is so d-r-a-g-g-y, it's so cold and dreary out you don't feel like doing anything but hiding in the house.

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magran42 said...

Hiding in the house does me no good cause there is so much in here that needs doing.  Happy hibernation!