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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Every year we make these,don't we? They tend to be thing we SHOULD be doing anyhow - or things we feel we should do and have been unable to in the past due to circumstances or it's just annoying and no fun. So I have thought carefully and here are mine:

1) I resolve to lose weight. This is an easy one as I've been losing and gaining the same 5 pounds for quite awhile now. However I did put on a bit more than intended over the holidays (whoever didn't put on weight over the holidays raise your hand. Fine, now all of you with your hand raised please leave the room) so I have to work a bit harder.

2) I promise to buy as much as yarn as possible without having to go on welfare and to stash it in every available closet, drawer, basket, or any empty space.

3) I resolve to knit constantly.

4) I am going to sort of resolve to save money - this might be at odds with resolution #2 but if I buy the yarn on sale or from KnitPicks that will work out.

Ok, that's enough of that, I'm old now and can only remember so much at one time. And I did order from Knit picks - I'm getting the right size needles for my sock experiment and some VERY cool yarn that I'll be knitting a starfish shawl from the lastest Vogue Knitting. One thing I have done is cut down on buying knitting magazines, I was getting to the point I was just buying them to buy them. I was paging through one I'd bought - and they are expensive - and realized I would never knit anything out of it, it was all too wierd and trendy. Especially the "asymetrical" sweater which was some odd affair in which one side hung a lot lower than the other and there was some other odd part that you swung around your neck....and all fastened up with a stick.  After I sorted through all the old issues I discovered there's actually only 4 total that I really like and tend to save so yesterday at the book store I walked out with nothing. Actually I didn't buy anything yesterday, it's too soon after Christmas and really, if I wait a couple of weeks EVERYTHING will be on clearance.



mosie1944 said...

My mom used to pick up lots of yarn at garage sales for practically nothing.  She wasn't a knitter, but she made lots of tied quilts.

mamareef said...

Hey Cookie,  Just jumping on here to see what you've been posting....sorry, I haven't looked at your blog in ages!  
Yes...New Year's Resolutions...mine are similar to yours minus the yarn addiction!  Yup...lose weight, save money, etc.  In place of the yarn thing I have stuff about going to school etc.  I'll have to tell you about that on the phone..maybe this weekend.  Stevie's going out of town for a week and then for three weeks in February...big stuff happening for him with work.  The kids are looking for jobs and frustrated with no one wanting to pay them just to be cute and in love!!!!  We'll see.
Love, Kimmy-wimmy-bo-bimmy-fanna-fanna-fo-fimmy-fee-fi-etc.........