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Friday, January 25, 2008

Snow or No Snow

It's been staying down in the single digits again, this morning we are at eight degrees and holding, school has a two hour delay as the kids in the outlying areas can't stand out at the bus in this weather. Jackson will be going to school nine-ish which actually annoys him because in order to make up the time the don't have the fun subjects and just do the boring stuff. Jackson opened his own bank account last week with just his name on it, now that he's 18 he can be the captain of his own ship. I cashed in his CD which was fairly impressive - I've been skimming his christmas and birthday money for the past few years as he gets way too much to be blowing on videogames. When we moved back here I put it into a CD and just let it roll - so he had a thousand dollars - just from leftover birthday and christmas money, not bad! I gave him the cashier's check and David took him to the bank to open an account - he told David he had some more money in his room to deposit - the little weasel actually had an additional $600 squirreled away, we don't call him "Squeak Jr" for nothing! David sat in on the transaction and vetoed the checks since Jackson doesn't have any bills but Jackson did get a debit card which will take a couple of weeks to get here. He was actually looking through the mail the next day for it but has realized it will take awhile ("the elves are working as fast as they can Jackson!"). David cooked up some more of thier pheasant last night - we have over a dozen still, I found a recipe for Smothered Pheasant tht wasn't too hard and we had all the ingredients so they enjoyed that. They're predicting warmer temps this weekend, I think these intermittent warm days are making it worse - this winter for some reason just seems to be dragging on and on, I guess because we have so much hanging in the air.

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