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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Still Hanging

David is currently upstairs watching "The Bodyguard" with Whitney Houston (pre-crack) and Kevin Costner. I told him it was a chick-flick but he informed me that he's secure enough in his masculinity for it not to have any long term effects on him. Since he's not weeping uncontrollably I suppose I'll just have to trust him. As you can tell, I'm not a big fan of those sort of movies and have to leave the room as I'll make all sorts of comments. I did watch The Heartwarming Childhood Story part that everyone laughed about(totally stupid)  and left halfway through the Friend Telling The Heartrending Story in which the main character's wife (brother, bestfriend, parents, dog,etc) is Tragically Killed leaving the main character an Empty Shell with No Meaning In Thier Life until The Love Interest showed up As you can guess. I cannot watch The Lifetime Channel for women as that makes me squirm in my seat, unless of course there's a Tori Spelling movie on - those I LOVE. My favorite one is Mother May I Sleep With Danger in which the actor playing her insane boyfriend portrays psychopathological behavior by simutaneously staring and not blinking through out the entire movie. Tori's character tends to be oblivous to the whole thing until he goes full loony on her and her mother, who incidently just knew something was wrong from the get go. In other news I didn't hear from Susan (she hadn't been feeling well on Friday so we left everything hanging in the air) so David and I will go to Crackerbarrel on our own and we can always do it again next weekend. Jackson slept over Craig's house so we're picking him up at one and I'm keeping an eye on Vicent the cat - he didn't want to go out this morning and is currently sleeping in the linen closet so I hope he's not sick and just misses Jackson.


mosie1944 said...

I don't like chic flicks either!  My idea of a good movie is "It Happened One Night", or "Casablanca".  Cliff likes stupid comedies:  his favorites are the Peter Sellers Pink Panther ones.

magran42 said...

Animals do strange things when their "people" are away.  Hope thats all it is.