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Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's Still Cold. Thank You For Asking.

I had one admission today and another possibly for tomorrow. I am Super Crabby as I'm coming down with something so anyone calling the house is grilled to pieces about what EXACTLY do they want. I am in no mood. In order to lift my spirits I am ordering a few tiny things from Knitpicks that I really really really need and cannot do without. As you can see from the pictures I was out and about tripping in the graveyard and have to say January in WV is not the ideal time to go skipping through the tombstones - although I was the only one complaining about the weather. It was 19 today, a regular heatwave given the past week. It's supposed to go up into the 40's so we'll keep our fingers crossed. I'm invited to a baby shower next week - I'm actually a little excited about it. The thing you do miss when you move away from everyone is you don't get invited to things like birthdays or showers - as we've lived here longer we get invited to more things but as you know when you become an adult and you're out of high school, it's really a lot harder to make friends or even acquaintances. I know a lot of it is me, between work and home it's hard to find time and let's face it, I'm not overly social anyhow. I'm happiest on the end of the couch with a cup of coffee and my knitting needles watching tv. Jackson was grousing because I was watching "13 Ghosts" AGAIN - I told him rather sweetly it was either 13 Ghosts or 16 Candles, you pick - he decided he preferred 13 shrieking bloody ghosts to a host of shrieking nonbloody and angsty teenagers. Little does he know what he'll be watching later......

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magran42 said...

Hibernation sounds good to me.