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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hanging Loose

I wasn't able to sleep in due to Vincent deciding that perching on the side of my ribcage at 3 am was a good place to sit - but I did stay in bed for quite awhile. We watched "Mystery" (the pianist did it) and then went and played in the yard with Pearl and the Yucky Rubber Frog which she can fetch until your arm falls off. We went shopping for food later on and hit the bookstore, etc but I've pretty much bought what I wanted or needed so I'm saving my Christmas money until something better comes along. The weather is a bit cold but it's Spring-y cold making everyone including the birds think that easter eggs are just around the corner which is not good as it's only not quite the middle of January and we still have a ways to go. We're getting to the part of the year where everyone is at loose ends and chomping at the bit to make some extrodinary changes in their life. I'm trying to find something other than food to occupy my time, I've actually kept within a 2 lb range of my ideal weight - 10 stone(don't be a baby, do the math!) - but would like to lose a few pounds to keep under so if something good comes along I can eat it without worrying. We might be going to Cracker Barrel tomorrow to meet friends - home of the "diet food"!, I see a treadmill in my future.....

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magran42 said...

I don't try to understand the weather anymore.  Thanks for stopping by my journal.  This is the first time I have been to yours...BUT IT WON'T BE THE LAST!
We have a treadmill......doesn't do any good....I can't use it because it hurts my knees.