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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here We Go Again

This wouldn't be so hard if we had a slight drop in tempetures, or we had a bit of snow followed by rain occasionally. This is just insane. 3 days ago we were in the 60's and I was running around in a light jacket, yesterday I was back in the full length down coat complete with scarf and gloves. It didn't snow too badly where we are but out in Preston county they got a few inches. I did something to my right shoulder and upper back, I'm sure it's just a pulled muscle but boy does it hurt when I move! Good thing it's not interfering with my knitting abilities. I'm still working on the sock, I have half an inch before I can start on the heel which should make it a bit more interesting - of course there is the second sock I have to do AND I'm obligated to make a least a few pairs as I've bought additional sock yarn and sock needles from Knitpicks which came yesterday. I saw Susan at work yesterday and she was indeed ill over the weekend so we've made plans to go to Crackerbarrel for breakfast this coming Sunday. The new nurse will be picking up on call this weekend so we're back up to call every 3 weeks, not great but WAY better than call every other week.

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