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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Broken Needles

I emailed Lantern Moon yesterday (they're the ones that make the sock needles that broke on me in under a week) looking to see if I could just buy a couple to complete the set. I figure I can keep them as a back up in case something happens to Harmony wood set I got from Knitpicks. I have backup sets of all my knitting needles, I even have backups to the backups. In the event of Nuclear Winter believe me - I'm well covered. Anyhoo, they got back to me right away and have promised me to send a new set free of charge. We'll see - one of the things I've noticed lately is for a company to promise to replace, etc and then simply not follow up on it. I'm not overly concerned in any case as I have plenty of sock needles in a size 0 to keep me covered until I finish. In other news at work  - the other nurse might possibly have a blood clot in her shoulder and was going for a doppler scan yesterday. I'm waiting to see how things fall out, it could get ugly staffing wise. But I like to wait until something actually happens before I go getting all bent out of shape about it - it saves you alot of time not getting upset about things that haven't happened. The weather continues to be cold, but I was thinking about it the other day and it's already the 22nd - that's about what, only 5 or 6 weeks until March? Pearl is enjoying all this cold stuff, it seems to agree with her and she'd stay out all day if she could.

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magran42 said...

My mother called that attitude....not borrowing trouble!