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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Eek! Who Turned Off The Heat?

The temp plummeted last night and the high for tomorrow is 4. That's right, 4. They're talking snow showers which is better on the weekend as I dont' have to leave early for work. Speaking of which I managed to commit a rather intriguing faux pas. I went to admit a patient and the family wanted to know where the monitor was - we're starting them next month - turns out someone in the office assured the family I would hook it up. I didn't know what to say so I told them I had to call my director from the car as her number was on my phone. I went out to my car and called the director's cell phone, she answered and then the call got dropped. I hit redial - and said her name and she said yes? I then told her I hadn't wanted to call from in the patients house because I had no idea what to do, that someone in the office had promised them a monitor and we didn't have them yet and the patient's family said the doctor wanted the patient hooked up today and then the director said "hold on honey". Hmm. She never calls me honey. Turned out my phone glitched when I hit redial AND I HAD CALLED THE PATIENT'S HOUSE BY ACCIDENT. The reason the family had said yes when I said the director's name is because that is the family member's real given name. The family thank goodness understood and I called the agency from inside the house during which I maintained an excellent Cherry Red Complexion. Some days I don't love my job as much as others. I guess I'd better get Pearl-ine outside for her morning Hysterical Romping and Jumping About session that she enjoys so much. I swear, she's a reincarnated Husky sometimes as much as she loves the cold.


mosie1944 said...

Our high is supposed to be 10°.  Brrrr.  I love the picture of the old multi-level barn.

magran42 said...

The pictures are great.  Of course the Caterpillar strikes home for me.