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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Here We Go Again.

Yep. It warmed up AGAIN - I started out in the morning wearing my down coat and was sweating it out by noon. The temps went back up into the 40's and as you can see, everything melted. The temp is supposed to be going back down this weekend. I only had a couple of visits yesterday and took full advantage of the situation. I did some shopping about and found nothing, I suppose I should stop for awhile. David and I have had an ongoing thing about the dishwasher and if it uses more water - or less - than handwashing. My take on it is that you only run it once every two or three days but handwashing you have to do it about 3 times daily, if not more. David came to the conclusion that the dishwasher uses more water and announced we would be going back to handwashing. I told him to knock himself out and have noticed in the past few days the dishwasher remains in service. I'm still working on the sock and will be starting the hard part tonight which is the heel. I think the hardest part will be making two socks the same size which is why it's made out of such ugly but cheap yarn. I have really nice grey wool that I'm saving for the Real Socks. The other yarn I've taken pictures of is what I got from Knitpicks and I'll be making a starfish shawl out of it - I think it's quite nautical looking, don't you? I have one more order from Knitpicks coming which was shipped out on Tuesday so hopefully I won't have to pull too much Mailbox Duty.

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magran42 said...

My hubby votes for the dishwasher.....He thinks they are more sanitary!  Your pictures are just great!  They really make me want to get outdoors and enjoy.