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Friday, January 11, 2008

Crawling Towards Friday

In 3 hours I'll officially be off call - I'll probably be slinging the beeper into the office on my way through. It's been a long and stressful week which has been winding down gradually. It's not been all bad - I've been able to shop between patients (the deals here in January are spectacular) and I am making slow, but sure progress on The Sock. The crap with my father's family is done (again) so that's off the boards and I've heard from friends abroad which is always fun. Pam in NZ sent pictures this week of the view from her house - it makes you just want to pack up and move! The weather remains fairly warm, but now it's raining which is delaying the repair to the leach field. We had someone look at it and it's not a big deal, we just need to add another line to it but it involves digging and when it rains, that means mud as far as the eye  can see. This weekend we need to go food shopping and house cleaning and mortal activities like that, I do plan on sleeping in tomorrow - as much as Pearl the Girl will allow. I'm FINALLY getting used to the dentures I got about a month or so ago, my dentist here decided it would be a fun for thing for me to have back teeth on the bottom. I've been losing my molars since I was in my early 20's so it wasn't a big deal to me, but I went along with it and as I've gotten more used to it I do have to admit it does have it's advantages. It was hard at first - I felt like an alligator with all those teeth! and was a bit self conscious but now that I'm more used to them I do enjoy it.  I do still forget them once in awhile (I told Susan once they're my "dress teeth") but I'm old so what do you want out of me? I finally have enough sock done to take a picture of it, I'm still on the fence about it though. It's a bit boring and the double point needles are hard to negotiate, but I suppose I should make an actual pair before making any judgements. According to Jackson the sock making is going so slow he might be a proud owner of a "unisock"

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hhuecker said...

Hi Julia E,  I had a friend in New Zealand, I met her in a chat room when I was using the yahoo messenger, she is a native Mauri and a real nice person, she told me a lot about New Zealand, mostly good, only draw backs are the price of gas and oil and beef ( which shouldn't bother you at all, LOL) she said they have cool weather in winter usually in the 50's and warm summers, she said the majority of New Zealanders like americans, if you want to try and contact her, try this email.
                                                                               Love Ya,