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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Stay Away From The Office And No One Will Get Hurt

The office is all riled up again, someone said this, someone did that and the boss is on the warpath decimating all that cross her path. I love after the holidays, don't you? We had our weekly meeting, I don't let this nonsense bother me and I don't get involved, I don't even speak to the boss unless cornered. It'll all blow over eventually but until then I'm out of the office and in for VERY brief periods of time, just enough to make phone calls and finish up paperwork. I did my pediatric patient the other day and while I was taking her temp her little brother noticed the string on my scrubs and gave it a yank. And then tried to run off with it while I hung onto to my pants! I finished taking the temp (any patient under 10 you only get one shot at vitals before they run off to play with the cat) and regained control of my pants, it was hard as everyone was laughing pretty hard by then so I was on my own. I finally finished that afgan I've been working on and gave it to Susan who loves that sort of stuff. The scarf went to Grandma Hendrickson who's only comment was it "smelled funny" (typical Grandma)- my response was "well, wash it!" and the shawl went to Nancy across the sea in Kent, England. I might keep the green cotton sweater I made and I still have the purple one that I like but it doesn't really fit me. I did a bit of driving today and even got time to take a few pictures on my way home. I took the pike - everyone knows where that is and if you tell anyone you live on the Pike, they know exactly where you're from. It's a road that runs along the back between Kingwood and Morgantown and a lot of fun to drive. It's up and down and twisty, but not too much in the way of drop off sides and even has guard rails in some spots. If you drive it enough you can go pretty fast - and it's beautiful, especially when it snows. And the main attraction is no coal trucks which route 7 is lousy with lately. Pearl has been enjoying the snow a great deal and races all over the yard when we take her out, she finds it all very exciting. David continues to work on the house, we don't have too much time before the RE puts it up - it's funny how we though we had so much time and now it's a race to the finish! It's not a huge deal since we still haven't decided what we're doing next I'm in no hurry.

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