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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Art Of Distraction

Jackson has his 7 day meeting today, he leaves on Monday!  - and he is really starting to freak a bit. I know how he feels, it seemed like we had all this time to do stuff and now, this week, we have hit the hyper-drive portion of the program. Adam has been a great reassurance to him, we've noticed he's been getting nightly phone calls that he takes outside and I'm sure Adam has been a sounding board all week. He's trying to see his friends and girlfriend as much as possible, I'm sure Becky is a mess by now. I'm having my own little crisis, today is the last day of work for me, I have to clean out my car, finish my paperwork and hand in my stuff - three years of my life. I just can't seem to concentrate on anything these days, I get on the treadmill, I get off, I pick up my knitting I put it down - anxiety rules these  days. We have empty rooms in the house now, Jackson is starting to get his stuff together. He's feeling the same way, there's so much he wants to do, just doesn't know what to do first Or last. Or at all.  I'm going to miss WV a lot, people have asked why we're moving at all. First of all the house is too big, it started off that way and as all the projects were completed it has just reached that stage of completely overwhelming. The other issue is the cost of living here, this is considered a "sue me" state so all of our insurances are between double and triple what they would be in Pennsylvania - between car, health, home, contractor's, etc we are drowning and then there are other expenses. It is over all untility wise cheaper but your paycheck is a lot less here so that kind of evens out. Even though I'm very much looking foward to moving, I will miss WV as will Jackson and David - we are moving to where our friends are but we are going to be leaving a few behind.

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