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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rattling The Doorknobs

The bank appraisal person didn't show so now they'll be coming during the week - I swear, everytime they finish up with one inspection they seem to be able to produce yet another one guarenteed to make you vomit in corners. I think the buyers are not happy about it either, they've been hinting to our RE that they would actually be able to close on the 27th and would like to..... We did tell their RE that they could start setting up thier swingset and bringing a few things (they asked if they could), they have small children so I'm sure they're very anxious to get in here. I told David I fully expect to see a group of people on our lawn shrieking GET OUT GET OUT any day now.... Our big problem is Jackson has to be here in town on the 2nd as he has to depart from this recruiting office so we're trying to figure out a solution, not to mention we would have to swing it by Harry, the RE in Pennsylvania. I guess it's no fun unless you make the agent cry at least once ( I have to admit, Harry does earn his money). I'm doing orientation with the new nurse  they hired tomorrow, I'm glad I arranged my departure the way I did so they won't be left with a big shortage in thier staff. Of course I always find it a bit intimidating to have someone hanging over my shoulder while I work - especially if it's a long term patient that you've developed a routine with. In home care you work with what you have and sometimes what you have does not fall into anything you've ever read in a text book. Like the houses where you follow the trails between the stacks of stuff to find your patient or my favorite - the 120 lb rottweiler tied to the bed - because he's been biting people and is under quarentine - although the family loudly proclaimed the party who had gotten bit had deserved it. I didn't ask either. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

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