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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just Shoot Me Now.

Well this week's current event is the appraiser never showed up - and refuses to give a date. If it's not done by Monday we will probably not be able to close by the 3rd which will throw a huge monkey wrench in all of the plots and plans everyone has simmering.  The problem is the buyers decided to get an FHA loan and our side was never informed until last week which had David running all week - FHA inspections are by the government and are a whole other animal - they have strict guidelines and if they're not all followed the house fails, you fix and then they come back. This would all be fine if the buyers had bothered to schedule the appraisal WHEN THEY GOT THE LOAN - we're now down to the last two weeks and I told David if this falls through we can just pull the house off the market and start over again next year. We don't have to move, we want to move and if we end up having to wait another year, what ever. In other news Pearl and David are busy riding around with Gypsy and Tommy this morning, David is showing him all the state game lands so he can hunt them this year. I'm busy cleaning this morning, with all that's been going on for the past couple of weeks that's fallen by the wayside. I got Mr. Lee's ashes yesterday from the vet, I cried for awhile but even though I miss her dearly, we knew it was coming soon as she was 18. I'm currently knitting socks, they're easy and small and don't require a whole lot of attention.

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