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Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Rears It's Ugly Head. Again.

Everything is dragging and speeding up at the same time - I finished getting the house cleaned, David has finished all the projects on the house, we are more than halfway through packing - and now we sit and wait. I am in the midst of formulating Plan B just in case the appraiser runs late - it's a workable plan and doesn't involve too much crying and vomiting. Jackson has been seeing Becky a lot lately, she comes over after work and they go out for a bit - I'm sure time is nipping at thier heels too, it seemed like  we had forever but it's actually only 2 more weeks now until Jackson leaves for bootcamp and there are going to be a few broken hearts lying around here. School starts back up this week so I have to adjust some of my patient's time schedules as I'm once again racing the school bus. It's odd not having to do any school shopping this year, no notebooks, no pens - no rebuying everything when they bring the list home and you bought all the wrong stuff.... Jackson and Adam have been talking a lot lately, Jackson is now mulling over trying to get stationed with him, that would great if he could. I'm starting to check out jobs, I suppose you can't get picky until you know what you are picking from! Our friend Ray is getting excited, he's called a few times this weekend, I'm sure he'll be our first visitor as soon as we have furniture and stuff - he's sort of particular like that. And of course I'm knitting away, I started packing my yarn up and I have to admit, even I didn't know I had that much. It's a little embarrassing in a OCD way, but then again it's my yarn and the yarnhater will just have to live with it. Speaking of which - I FINALLY got to order my knitting needles, it took FOREVER for them to come out with them -

You know I'll be waiting by the mailbox for these babies!!

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