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Sunday, August 31, 2008

End Of Days

It's time. Up until now I knew Jackson was leaving, but it was easily pushed back - it was a couple months away, a couple of weeks, a few days left. This is like standing on a cliff - it's not like sending them off to college and they come back the next weekend all homesick but ready to go back - this is it. just one giant leap into the unknown for all of us. Jackson I think was alright up until a couple of days ago, now he's leaving tomorrow at 2pm, his home, his friends, Becky. He stayed home last night and we watched our usual Saturday night BBC science fiction crap for the last time - I know this will get better but right now it just sucks. He went outside to talk on the phone with Adam who has been his sounding board and source of comfort for the past few weeks. Jackson is going over Becky's today and we're going out to dinner tonight to Ruby Tuesdays, our favorite restaurant - then the bookstore I suppose. I told him Becky was invited but he thought she might be too upset to go, I'm sure she is at this point.  After he goes tomorrow David and I will resume working on the house, finishing the packing and doing one last deep clean. One of the most upsetting things about the delay in the closing is we are quickly running out of things to do - David has all this nervous energy that keeps him fussing over every nook and cranny in the house. So we figet and wander, one thing is happening too soon and the other not soon enough.

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ora4uk said...

our grandson recently graduated basic training for the Marine was a nice family the second phase is going on...and in the back of mymind is Iraq...the war...he is into helicopter maintence...a grandmothers heart is heavy with prayers for our young men...a big step for Jackson...very big...giant leap to manhood????  God Bless him as he moves on with his life....growing up is not for the "faint of heart"...takes fortitude...and lotsa love from Mom and Dad and friends...hang tough...hugs from Kentucky....