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Saturday, August 30, 2008

B Is For Bored

The buyers had to go for an additional loan as the sale of thier house fell through and they couldn't cover closing costs. SO the person who was supposed to sign off on it didn't and won't be back until Tuesday as it's a holiday weekend SO it delays us for a couple of days. I personally do not like this as it's all nerve wracking to start with and this late in the game it's over the top.Especially since two of the containers are sitting in Fairmont ready to go and the rest of the house is about 95% packed and everything is scheduled to be switched off/turned over on the 3rd. Plus things will be super boring, my books are packed, yarn and needles are packed, all I have left is my laptop, the socks I'm currently working on, 2 balls of blue yarn I reserved just in case of Emergencies and So Forth, and one book that I'm already halfway through. We do shop but there's only so much of that you can do and I promised the Yarnhater I wouldn't buy anymore yarn until we moved so that shuts down quite a bit of my shopping experience.  Bastards. Jackson's friend James stayed over last night so they were up all night as usual, it's hard to believe he's old enough to join the navy and young enough to still have sleep-overs. Talk about your inbetween age..... he got his book back from Josh in NC that he forgot while he was there and he got an address book all filled out from Aunt Janet (thank you Aunt Janet!!), he's full of nervous energy as we all are and nowhere to put it.  I'm sure he'll spend most of tomorrow with Becky, I'm hoping she'll be alright after he leaves, my heart just breaks thinking about that.

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davidwlester said...

Well we raised him taught him right from wrong, protected him from all the evils of the world as best we could, and told him eviel exists in many forms, with smiles and frowns. He has caused us no real trouble has been a plesure as his brother was also there wort things were trivial by far. He is grown and now needs to take charge of his own life we will see him and we miss him already, the price for having kids my grandmother said if you don,t have them to laugh with you don,t have them to cry with true words for sure,  the most important thing they always new we were right there and still are for them yes I am kind of mushy. I am allowed I am the Dad