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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Caterpillars And Moving Pods

The moving pods will be here any moment so OF COURSE it's raining ,what else would it do? David's gone down to meet him and lead him back, anyone who's seen where we live would realize it's not a great place to make a wrong turn. Jackson is still defending his stuff, but since they're not picking up the pods until the beginning of Sept he has time. He will be out of here on Monday at 2pm, the navy is coming to get him, bwah haha. We're currently sleeping on the floor on a full size mattress which is uber-fun of course with Pearl the Bed Hog - we tell her Off, not because she stays off but because she leaves long enough for you to claim your portion of the bed before she comes back. I had my last day at work yesterday, I'm feeling a bit discombobulated today, that feeling that I need to be somewhere doing something. I'll be saying good bye to Susan later in the week as she's on vacation until Friday. We've been playing Phone Tag with the RE here and there, ours calls us for the buyers here, we call ours as we are the buyers there. They'll be keeping the hutch and some of the exercise equipment, everytime we need to know if they want something it's like playing Telephone as the agencies don't like you speaking directly. We called our RE to see if they wanted the hutch, they called the other RE who called them - they did so that came back down the telephone line, yes they do, yes they do, yes they do. This goes on for utilities, phone numbers, who picks up the garbage and who do we use for our cable.... The house is pretty well packed up now, we are getting down to bare essentials at this point, we're delaying packing the electronics of course - I hate that. We've learned to do a sketch though of what wires go where on the tv, computer, etc - you always think your going to remember but you never do.

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