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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Moving Right Along

I was going through some old pictures on the computer and found this one Kim sent me of her Dad wearing a "cardigan" that I had made. I hadn't bothered to do a gauge swatch and started knitting and as you can see it  was a bit off in size - it was supposed to be a women's medium. I sent it to Kim and since her Dad was visiting she had him put it on and sent me a picture. So Gene will be forever immortalized wearing a giant pink sweater. Things here are moving along swiftly, we're getting into what I always think of as the second phase of packing where you're just emptying out cupboards and drawers and leaving just enough to survive on. We are prodding Jackson along as he thinks he has all this time when in reality his date of departure for the navy is only 3 weeks away. He'll be clearing out on the 2nd and we'll be following close behind, closing the next day. The pods will be coming soon and we're deciding what to take and what to leave. We're leaving some of the exercise equipment as it's too heavy to transport and the buyers want to keep it so that makes it a bit easier. Pearl is still feeling under the weather, she did not behave at the vet's office (big surprise there) - it would've been easier to throw her into a volcano than try to get her to stand on the scale for 15 seconds. 10 minutes and 3 people later we had a weight and then she spent her time sitting in my lap, all 46 lbs of her. It doesn't help that everyone at the vet likes her, despite her misbehavior and antics she still gets babytalked to death - then she relaxed and danced all over. I'm not sure if she's better today - she got her shots while we were there and than usually puts her out for the day. The vet started her on antibiotics and the diarherra seems better, but she's really not eating too well so we'll just have to keep an eye on her. It's amazing how we won't see the vet forever, then all of the sudden we're there every week!

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