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Friday, August 8, 2008

Pick Up Those Skirts And Run

Thank you Amy for compressing those pictures in a file for me and thank you Janet for taking them. We're running today, things are heating up quickly. We passed the termite inspection, the health department was here and left a note to call them. We debated whether we should vomit before or after since they didn't say why we needed to call. Turned out it passed with flying colors, we just need to have it pumped before we get the hell out of Dodge - I think that was the closest David came to doing a cartwheel. We just have to live through the bank appraisal on Monday and then it begins again. David called the RE and the buyers have registered thier kids in school so we definately will be out on the 3rd. Pearl has decided to make things go smoother by developing a mysterious case of diarherra which means she cannot be left alone in the house for any longer than 45 minutes at any given time. She has a vet's appt at 6pm and we needed a stool sample which we (EEEWWW) have ample supplies of. And in the middle of all this mayhem I'm still dealing with Mr. Lee's passing - we're getting her ashes back in a few days and eventually her ashes and Copper's will be interred where we put Mikio and Setsu's. I think I had such difficulty with these two pets because Copper and Mr. Lee are my last physical ties to Miki and Sets. This visit home was the first time I didn't go down to the beach to talk to them - with Mr. Lee gone it's such a profound feeling of loss, that door will never open again. I sometimes find it amazing how much I still miss both of them, that I think of them a few times a week, that I still cannot walk into an antique shop and think about how much Setsu would have loved this or that. That period  in my life was perfect at times and that's a rare thing. The long weekend brunches, the kids, the yard sales - all gone. And for some reason Mr. Lee passing away has made that, for me, final. I know in my heart they are gone - but Mr. Lee always allowed me to go back when I needed to, just for the tinest second and that was enough, it had to be. And I know in the coming days that would have been great comfort with us moving, Jackson leaving and us being alone for the first time in 27 years - but you cannot hug ashes and that is a hard thing for me right now.

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