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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Home Again

I still can't figure out how to put my sister's pictures of the party into a downloadable file so you'll all have to use your imagination as to what an attractive group we are. I could kick myself for forgetting my camera, but given the circumstances of our departure it was the last thing on my mind at the time. This trip home was wonderful, the only good thing about family fights is you no longer have to waste time visiting with people you only see because you're related and it frees you up to spend that extra time with those that you DO like. The day before we left I got to the nursing home early and pleaded my way in, Grandma Hendrickon looks great as usual - I'm sure she'll attend my funeral before I attend hers! She's still the same, she had to put on her face before we went for a walk but we had a nice visit. I went to see Grandpa Carter, it's sad to see how he's declined in the past year, I know it's a part of life but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I got home early afternoon and off to the beach with Joyce, her son is also in the military (airforce)  and we've known each other since grade school so we had a lot of catching up to do. I went back to Hope's that night and had pizza with David's family, Sue, Grace and Kim came over again. We left early and met up with our RE Harry and BACK in the car again(!!!) - to look at more houses. We headed off to the hotel and then back in the car again. Jackson called to ask me when we would be home, when I asked why he said the dog had an accident on the new carpet. I think the gist of the conversation was Jackson trying to figure out who was cleaning it up. Hmmm. That would be Jackson I believe.The reason the dog had an accident had more to do with someone not getting up that it did with the dog and that is all I'm going to say on that subject! We had to drop the car off in Waynesburg - I'm glad we decided to rent a small car this time. It was great on gas and it's nice not having to worry about the milage, etc.. The termite inspector showed up around the same time we did so that's out of the way. David and I are just hanging out tonight - it's been a really busy week

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