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Friday, August 22, 2008

We're Almost Ready To Start The Countdown....

The appraiser showed up yesterday as scheduled - I only caught the tail end as I took Jackson to Becky's and Pearl came with us so she wouldn't lower our property value. We don't have the final report - that hopefully will be done by this afternoon, but we did pass the FHA inspection so that's one more down. The appraiser had been here before when the people with the mastiffs had been here and told David the place had reeked so badly of dog urine it was unbreathable. She was a bit taken aback at how much the place had changed and said there would be no problem with the appraisal, but I need to see it in black and white - you know how I am! I'm working a half day today, all of Monday, another half day on Tuesday and then that will be it - the pods come on Wednesday and we'll be packing intensely! Jackson is having his friend James over today - he'll be lurking about for my car I suppose so I'll be trying to hurry on home for that. He's been having some trouble sleeping, he has restless legs but I think it's the anxiety of leaving on the 2nd - he and Adam speak almost every night so I think that's a great comfort to him. Now we're busy playing with the utilities, apparently the buyers have the confidence I lack as every time I go to terminate services they're already switched over for that day - I feel like I'm one step behind them all the way. I'm trying to get ahead of things so in the next week I can spend some time with Jackson, it's good that we have this to distract us, but at times it's too much of a distraction.

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