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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Odds And Ends

We're getting to that point in the packing where you're constantly sorting and then just flinging stuff in boxes, figuring you can deal with it later on down the road. I have a hard time labeling these last  boxes - one has Knitting Stuff, Curtains, Magic 8 Ball, Backpacks, etc.... you get the idea. It's pretty much all the flotsom left behind after all the major packing. David has been shifting it all to the garage and back room and now what didn't seem like very much is increasingly becoming way too much. There's only going to be two of us but we don't want to get rid of things that we'll just end up buying over again later on. We're ditching the couchs this week, both are sprung from Mr. Lee, we had them covered when we first got them to protect them from the pets without realizing the cat was sneaking underneath at night and sharpening her claws. By the time we caught her at it the sofas were ruined. We've got to get Jackson to pare down too - we realize that as he gets ready to ship off all items become near and dear - his old sleeping bag, his Dragon Lance books, his little figures and decorations. I suppose we'll do with his stuff that we did with Adam's - trot it around for a few years. Then, like Adam, he'll come home and when we try to give it back it will suddenly become disposable. We hauled about 5 boxes of Adam's Most Precious Items around through all the moves and then on his last visit home when we asked him about it he not only couldn't remember what was in any of the boxes but then cheerfully announced "oh that stuff, you can just throw it out!" But Jackson is starting to go through the clutching phase, his clothes, his video games, his books, his blankets - trying to get that last part of his childhood in before it goes by the wayside. He has been spending a great deal of time with Becky and James, the other day in the car he was looking at the college students walking to class and was mulling over that he is the same age as them. He said to me he found it hard to believe, that he still felt like he was in high school - I felt like telling him same here kiddo, same here.

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