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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Day Another Drama

When I got up this morning and turned on the Verizon modem my internet light was red which I (correctly) assumed meant it was not working. I tried thier offliine Help and Support which very politely told me it could not help me. Then I called tech support and I have to admit, was very pleasantly surprised that A) a tech was there and B) he was able to fix it and get me back online. I asked him if I should turn it off everytime I turned off the computer and he was like NO because I would lose my configuration - I told him that was a bit of news because when I asked the online chat tech Ramji that yesterday he had told me to turn it off everytime I turned off the computer which might be why it was not working today. Hmm. Shawn agreed that was a mystery to us all why anyone would tell me that. A Kelly also called last night to follow up with the phone survey David had done concerning thier services (note to companies - NEVER do a phone survey after spending a week and a half of transferring, hanging up on, putting on hold and generally being no help at all to the customer for a service that was requested on AUGUST 24TH and it is now late September and you are still mucking around....) and got an earful from me - they are supposedly sending us a $25 credit so we'll see. Anyhoo, I'm going to LI this weekend to attend Matthew's christening which will be fun unless of course Matthew has secretly started working for Verizon then I will have to not speak to him. I'm hoping things will start to get better - we go through this everytime we move so I know it will. Part of the reason we move (since people wonder about that. Aloud. A lot) is we do turn a profit on the houses we sell, the other is it's just the way things worked out. Moving to PA when we did was a mistake - in retrospect I'm glad we moved back to WV for Jackson to finish his education there with his friends and in a good school (Morgantown HS is ranked in the top 100). Things are starting to smooth out here, it's just a waiting game. Just an update on Jackson's address (although I think he's been getting his mail with the one the recruiter supplied)

SR Lester Jackson

Div 408 Ship 12

3515 Sailor Drive

Recruit Training Center

Great Lakes, Illinois 60088-3127

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