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Monday, September 29, 2008

I Needed That.

That was a nice weekend! I left here at 6 am Saturday in the rain and the dark. Didn't like that in case you're wondering. I went straight to the nursing home and visited Grandma H first, she has a sinus infection but was able to gossip about the nursing home so I'm assuming she is on the mend. Grandpa declines everytime I see him, he has a lot of confusion now and on one hand it is sort of funny - like when he was going on about how Amy needed to get Matthew in hand as she apparently lets him do whatever he wants, but it's sad to see him like that. I'm glad I'm close enough to visit once in awhile now. After that, I headed over to Hope and Bob's for a couple of hours and then back to visit with my Mom and Fred. Sunday I did a quick visit to the ocean of course and then went and saw Richard - I was trying to visit the people I hadn't seen on my last visit home. Richard is fine of course and the house looks great even if I can't afford to live in his apartment. Then back to Mom's and back in the car and up to Huntington where we caught the tail end of the baptism, Matthew was already a christian when we got there so we didn't get to see them dunk him in the nifty thingy they have there. The party was at the restaurant down the street - it was really great seeing John and Carleen again - thier kids change every time I see them of course. I sat across from Kelly the godmother - ate too much of course and the cake was VERY good. Then back to mom's and back in the car about 8 am - the drive takes about 4 hours which is a bit easier than the former 10 hours. I have the job interview for the job I want tomorrow at 9 am so keep your fingers crossed - and thank you Amy and Jim for inviting me - I had a great time!

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