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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Uphill Battle

I'll attempt pictures later - it's enough to be online at the moment. We finally got a Sprint air card and will be trying it out for the next couple of weeks, Verizon sucks big time to put it nicely. We ordered the phone and internet back on the 5th and after (not kidding) speaking to more than 50 customer reps and spending a week of being transferred, cut off, put on hold for half an hour at a time, etc got a phone 3 days ago and STILL don't have internet. Aside from Verizon every other service has been smooth.. We have Direct TV - they showed up on time and the one problem I had was dealt with in under 10 miinutes over the phone. The only funny thing was David ordered the Super Cheapy Package which would have been fine if I was a homebound Pentacostal who liked to shop on tv all the time, hee hee. I upgraded to the Normal Channel Package so we can watch things other than the Diamonell Hour or the Polyester Fashion Network. We got the holding tank replaced for the well, the furnace is working this morning, we have a phone and pick up service. I've met a couple of neighbors already and the guest room is all ready for guests. We got a letter from Jackson - he is miserable and homesick to beat the band but that will pass. I'm just miserable - I've been sick since I arrived here - 2 weeks of antibiotics for the UTI, my back hurts, and I thought I had allergies but it seems to be more of a very VERY bad head cold - so that makes being homesick and missing Jackson all the worse. On Monday I'm going to start to look for a job and I think that will help me feel a little less out of my element. David has been busy painting the house and renovating some things that have very badly needed renovating. He already has a deck job lined up and is trying to figure out what he will be doing. I do want to get over to Stroudsburg to the cheescake factory and outlets but I think I need to be feeling a wee bit better than I do now.


lizzardweiss said...

Hi Julia,

Can't believe you're having trouble with Verizon. Our experiences with them have been nothing but great. Maybe it depends on the region. I'm sure things will seem better when you're back to feeling more like a human and less like a petri dish.

Liz :)

ora4uk said...

Oh the joy of moving....anywhere!!!!  takes me back to our military days...moving all the time....stateside and overseas!!!  and even with uncle sam footing the bill....and moving vans and personnel doing the still was just exhausting for everyone!!! girl I know just where you are....but you are too far away for me to drop by and will do next best thing I can do...and that is pray that you feel better...Jackson gets over his homesickness....hubby gets all his jobbies done...and all will feel like home real fast...God Bless..hugs from Ora in KY